Hints on how The Fellowship of the Red Bandanna can encourage leaders in your church or men’s ministry to reach men.

If you have been inducted into the Fellowship of the Red Bandanna, you are encouraged to induct others who indicate an interest in joining the Fellowship by conducting a simple Initiation Ceremony.

Who can join? The Fellowship of the Red Bandanna is offered to any man or woman who is willing to train, serve, and make a sacrifice to engage every man in America with a credible offer of Christ and the resources to grow.

There are a variety of people within your church or organization who are already committed to reaching men. Share your vision with them and then induct them at an appropriate time. Be sure not to overlook emerging leaders who might also latch onto this vision.

Where will you find these leaders?

  • Your new men’s ministry leadership team
  • Your pastors
  • Your staff
  • Elders and Deacons
  • Small group leaders
  • Prayer groups committed to praying for men




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