Sample Ceremony

To give you an idea of what the ceremony might look like, you can view a video of an actual ceremony here.

Setting: We suggest conducting the ceremony at the conclusion of an event. Perhaps at the end of a leadership meeting, small group study, men’s retreat, pastoral staff day of prayer, or leadership conference.

What you will need: Prepare in advance for the ceremony. You’ll need one of the following for each person being inducted:

  1. A red bandanna.
  2. A copy of the one page document “The Fellowship of the Red Bandanna.”
    (Click here for PDF or Word versions of the document.) Print the document on nice stationary or award-quality paper.

The Script:

  1. Read the story of the Fellowship of the Red Bandanna. You can read the story directly from the one-page “Fellowship of the Red Bandanna.” Or, you can play the video that tells the story. (Click here to view the video)
  2. Read the commitment section of the document, emphasizing that these leaders are committing to help reach every man in America with a credible offer of Christ and the resources to grow. Use the phrases, “You are willing to go up while others are coming down” and “you are saying to other men, ‘Follow me, I know the way’.”
  3. Invite each person to come up to you one at a time to receive their red bandanna.
  4. As they individually come up to you, extend your right hand and say “I welcome you into the Fellowship of the Red Bandanna.”
  5. Give them their red bandanna. Have an assistant give them their copy of “The Fellowship of the Red Bandanna” document.
  6. Close in a commissioning prayer for the new inductees. Be sure to pray for their walk with the Lord and God’s power to anoint them for reaching men.



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